Matthieu Dhenne

Technical Fields

Computerimplemented Inventions, Trademark, Design and Copyright Law



Study of law in Paris and Queensland

PhD in Paris

2019 foundation of own law firm


International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and Association des Amis du Centre d'Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (AACEIPI)


German, English, French

Matthieu Dhenne holds a postgraduate degree from the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI, France), an LL.M from the Bond University School of Law (Queensland, Australia), and a Ph.D. in Law from University of Panthéon-Assas. Throughout his Ph.D., he was a visiting scholar at Columbia University School of Law along with being a guest scholar at the Max-Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition Law in Munich (Max-Planck Institute and GRUR scholarships).

Matthieu Dhenne’s practice concentrates on IP litigation with a focus on patent litigation. Matthieu works on both contentions and non-contentious patent litigation (data processing, software, telecommunications, medical devices, pharmaceuticals products, cosmetics, mechanics, etc.). Matthieu has extensive legal skills that allow him to advise his clients on all aspects related to the management of rights (contracts, inventions of employees, etc.). Finally, he also has solid experience in trademark law, design law and copyright law (especially software copyright).

In addition to his activity as an Attorney-at-Law, Matthieu leads a Think Tank devoted to the protection of innovation (Institut Stanislas de Boufflers) and he actively participates in several recognised associations including AIPPI and AACEIPI (CEIPI Alumni). Matthieu was notably rapporteur for the French AIPPI group at the AIPPI Congress in 2017 (patentability of computer-implemented inventions). He is regularly consulted by French authorities about IP and trade-secret Laws and he is also regularly asked to intervene in conferences and participate in juries.

Matthieu is the author of a book entitled "Technology and Patent Law. The Invention in Patent Law", which deals primarily with the technology criteria in Patent Law. He is further co-author of the latest book in the CEIPI collection, entitled “Computer implemented Inventions: Challenges, Current Practices und Perspectives” He has also published many articles about Intellectual Property on recognised blogs and in major French Law Reviews and international Law reviews.