A patent is the best-known industrial property right. It offers protection for inventions in all technological fields for a maximum of 20 years. We provide you with competent support, from the initial drafting of the application to obtaining and validating the granted patent. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we can do this even worldwide.


A utility model is a "skinny patent" and offers the particular advantage that it can be obtained extremely quickly. In particular, a utility model can even be applied for once the invention has already been published or a patent application has been filed. We are happy to advise you how to branch off a utility model.


A trade mark can be a word, a picture or a combination of both. A trade mark can help you distinguish your goods and services from those of others. Trade marks are referred to as soft IP - we show you how you can create hard facts for your competitors with a well-positioned trademark portfolio.


Ever since the Apple vs. Samsung IP wars, everyone knows that a design protects the aesthetic appearance of your products. Whether it is a German design or a Community design, we tell you how to avoid design infringements and effectively enforce your own design rights. 


Licences can be granted for all industrial property rights, but also for copyright works. In view of the increasingly dense thicket of industrial property rights, licences play an ever greater role. We support you in negotiating advantageous but fair licence agreements for both sides.


The EU Medical Devices Regulation has caused a lot of uncertainty in the industry. With us, you have a competent partner at your side who will help you introduce a system for product identification numbers, go through control procedures and establish controls as well as documentation. 


Foreign companies without a registered office in the EU must have a representative within the EU for many procedures at the European Medicines Agency (EMA). We support you in obtaining Orphan Drug Designations (ODD) and act as SME Regulatory Consultency. 


All works of art, but also computer code, are protected by copyright. But in the realms of the internet, copyright are not always respected. With our extensive experience, we help you protect and monetise the rights to your creative works.


Fair economic conduct and free competition are essential foundations for your entrepreneurial success. We provide support in all matters relating to unfair competition and antitrust law. 

Due Diligence

As intellectual property experts, we are ready to provide you with our expertise when it comes to due diligence to avoid unpleasant surprises one the deal is done. 


"New media" are now firmly integrated into economic life and offer countless opportunities to increase productivity, but come with their own pitfalls. We help you navigate internet law, computer law and digital media law.


We support you in drafting contracts that effectively protect your interests and are easy to enforce. This allows you to concentrate on your goals with legal certainty.


The handling of inventions made by an employee in the course of their professional activities is regulated by law. We help you not only with questions of employee inventions fee renumeration, but also with developing a customised system for invention disclosures and incentives. 


We are honest with you – sometimes, from a business perspective, an amicable settlement may make more sense than lengthy legal proceedings. Regardless of whether you opt for upstream mediation or directly for arbitration, we will guide you through the whole process, making sure that you get a fair agreement. 


Despite the deterrent effect of your IP rights, it repeatedly happens that a competitor infringes one of your IP rights. In such cases, we support you in effectively stopping this action and compensating you for the damage caused.


Be prepared for future markets with the right IP strategy. With our technical, legal and economic expertise, we develop a customised IP strategy for you that will bring your company to the next level.


You own IP rights, but are uncertain about their value? Together with you, we analyse the value of your portfolio for you and your company and determine measures to efficiently increase this value.


The ancient tradition of viticulture and wine pressing reliably produces fine wines. Today, cultivation, production and distribution are regulated by wine law. With our special expertise in wine, we are happy to support you in all aspects of wine law.


Art law encompasses a multitude of different aspects, from copyright law to purchase law and inheritance law to auction law. It is therefore all the more important for artists, art buyers, art collectors or gallery owners to have someone at their side who is well versed in all of these areas. At Stolmár & Partner we will be happy to advise you comprehensively on all issues relating to works of art.