At Stolmár & Partner we have a basic philosophy:

Provide high-quality, domestic and international intellectual property legal services for a fair and reasonable price. Our focus on client-oriented services, support, and pricing, coupled with our highly respected expertise in all areas of intellectual property law clearly sets us apart from our competitors.

Even if your case is prepared and executed by one of our extraordinarily talented staff attorneys, our partners are adamant about overseeing every aspect of your case and will review and/or generate virtually all of the work done on your behalf. Some would say this is an inefficient way to do business. But at Stolmár & Partner, personal review ensures the very highest quality work product for all our clients, as well as maintaining the highest level of legal expertise focused on the details of your case.

At Stolmár & Partner, the partners are always involved. Our staff is personally trained by the owners, and every attorney is deliberately and consistently available to the client via phone, fax and e mail—never leaving you with that "Where-is-my-lawyer-and -why-doesn't-he-return-my-call?" feeling. We will diligently keep you apprised of your project's progress.

With most of our clients being corporations, it's gratifying to hear from individuals that they appreciate our personal touch. In fact, the level of involvement by the partners is a distinguishing feature that sets our firm apart. When you call Stolmár & Partner we work hard to earn and retain your business by providing the finest possible intellectual property legal services at a fair and reasonable cost.

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