Paul-Alexander Wacker

Paul-Alexander Wacker

“Of counsel”

studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), earning a “Dipl. Ing.” (Master of Science) and specializing in power engineering, factory automation and data processing. In his master’s thesis he developed a test device for compensating for “jitter effects in pulse code modulation”.

He went on to study business at the TUM, earning a “Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing.” (Master of Industrial Engineering). His master’s thesis addressed the issue of “patent infringement by a consortium”.

While training to become a patent attorney, he completed his education by studying law at the LMU in Munich as far as the first state examination (Staatsexamen).

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Paul-Alexander Wacker, Dipl. Ing., Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing.


began his career in 1975 by founding a firm of patent attorneys in Munich, and then established a large partnership in Freising, in which he handled German SMEs and major international cases in the fields of agricultural engineering, power engineering, automotive engineering, telecommunications and medical engineering.

A further field of work has been the supervision and development of national, international and global trademarks and designs in the fields of telecommunications, motor vehicles, food and drinks, fashion and services.

His work has focused on patent, trademark and design infringement proceedings, licensing agreements, consulting on IP strategy, assessment of industrial property rights and the German Law on Employee Inventions with the employee suggestion system, also presenting work on these at national and international conventions and seminars, and in numerous publications. For decades he has acted in a position of responsibility as an innovation consultant for trade associations and at official hearings.

In 2013 he retired from his practice and has since been working as an official expert for the German Bundestag’s committee on legal affairs and inter-ministerial working groups, as a consultant for IP-focused practices and institutions, and as a visiting lecturer on business and economic aspects of IP law at the TUM.

Paul-Alexander Wacker is an authorized German patent attorney, European Patent Attorney and European Trademark and Design Attorney.