Dominik Mugele


Mechanical Engineering, Control Engineering, Flight Physics, Power Engineering, Med Tech



Diploma in Theoretical Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg

Research and development engineer for flight physics and load alleviation systems

Since 2020: Patent attorney trainee


EQE Examination Committee II, epi Committee for Biotechnological inventions, epi EPPC Pharma, EPLiT, Wine Law Society 


German, English

Dominik Mugele studied theoretical mechanical engineering with a focus on power engineering and aircraft systems engineering at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

After graduating in 2016, he worked in the aviation industry, focusing on the development of flight control systems aimed at alleviating loads on the aircraft structure.

In December 2020, Dominik Mugele joined our Hamburg office, where he is currently being trained as German and European patent attorney.

I find it particularly exciting that my daily work involves a wide variety of technical issues, each representing a part of the latest developments in the respective field.